This ancient tradition has it's origins from the Navajo people.  This is a ceremony where the women gather around in a circle to empower and support the Mother to be in the lead up to the birth.

Mumma Blessings are different to baby showers, which focus on the baby themselves.  This is a spiritual focus for the Mother to be as well as the unborn child.  It is a uniting of women supporting a Mother to be.

Mumma Blessings can be tailor made for the mother.  Some Mother's prefer to keep it simple, with friends supporting the Mother to be.  Other Mother's to be prefer to add in yoga, meditation, massages, painting, the imagination is your only limitation.

Family Time


Many people aren't religious these days, but still want a symbolic recognition for their child.  We've all heard the saying 'It takes a village to raise a child.'  So having mentors or life coaches in their lives is something that is important to many children.  The ceremony can held anywhere you like and take a format of your choosing.  It can be simple, or eleborate, a formal naming or a blessing for your family, once you have completed your family.

Many people at this time make certain promises and commitments to the child/ children.  It also gives an opportunity for all the important people in your child's life to make promises and offerings of support to you all.



Japanese Funeral


A funeral allows us publicly to express our thoughts and feelings about the death of the person we love.  It helps us to acknowledge the reality of the passing and allows us to express our grief with the support of friends & family.  Let me help you say goodbye in a personal way suited to your loved one.  


Pet Urn


During Covid-19 it has been incredibly difficult to ensure we are able to say goodbye to our loved ones with the people we want to. 

Now you can have the chance to pay your respects in a way that is meaningful for you. 

Dog Funeral


For those of us who love our pets like they are children, having a funeral for our fur babies is natural.  

Let me help you to celebrate the life of your pet in a unique and special way.




Weddings and Vow Renewals

Debra Kruk - Marriage Celebrant

I became a wedding celebrant 7 years ago.  The joy of marrying two people has never abated in that time and it gives me a wonderful sense of pleasure to see couples on their wedding day joined in marriage.

I love creating their special story to share on the most important day of their lives.  I've enjoyed marrying many couples in the time I have been a wedding celebrant.  

Please click on the link to my Facebook page to contact me.

Vow Renewal

Both Debra and Christine can help you with regards to Vow Renewal ceremonies.  There is nothing more beautiful than celebrating the life you share with the one you love.  Many parents have surprised their children to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary with a Vow Renewal. Or maybe you just want to celebrate you have got through a particularly tough year together.  Every year of marriage is a celebration.  Let us help you to arrange this.

Family Time

Planning Ahead

It can be difficult to know what things you will need if there was an emergency and you only had seconds to take the most important paperwork you needed.


Or maybe you are like me and like to be prepared.  I started the service of 'planning ahead' to help people become aware of the important paperwork and instructions you may need in the case of death or emergency.

We all know we should have a will - but how many of us do?  As soon as you are 18 years old, you should make a will.  Believe me, from personal experience, I have found out how important this is.

But it isn't just about wills.  What about the music or the type of ceremony you would like if you passed.

Let me help you to ensure you have all your paperwork in order, as well as list of suggestions of things you might like to consider if you should pass.

I am NOT a lawyer and will always suggest you see one, but I can help you to suggest things you may not have realised are important, such as binding agreements with regards to Superannuation.

This is offered as a one off service, with a list of things to consider.  However, if you would prefer me to navigate it all in more detail, we can do that also.